Friday, 21 January 2011

The Deep Blue Sea

Flat – a wooden frame with canvas stretched over that can be erected on the stage to form walls, can be painted to form back drops, there are also specialist flats that hold doors and windows. We are using 2.4 m (8ft)  tall flats of varying widths
Tonight is the 4th night of the build for the  deep blue sea now it looks like we have done something l thought I would update you.

Monday, 17 January 2011

it's can't be true

I would like to take a moment of your time to announce that  My Creative Zen Mp3 player  the little trooper finally decided after to die 7 years. So I have finally turned to…
…the dark side.
October 23, 2001 Apple Inc. released the iPod in response to the lack of quality MP3 players on the market.
They became the most desired electronic on the market and over the next 9 years Apple have released 5 models and 22 generations if the Humble iPod.
I know, I know many people that know me will be crying out in shock*  because it is me the apple hater! I can feel your jaw open in disbelief as you read this, I can hear you thoughts pulse in my brain ‘How can she  after so many tirades of  slagging of apple because they  are rubbish’,  ‘has she lost all of her sense for she was the one that gave us the wise words  “do not buy into their nonsense”?’, and I know you all thought yourselves fools when you bought  an iPod instead if a creative industries product.
 So Your jaws have loosened from the shock and your brain has processed this bomb shell you can only sit there frozen and form one word. One word that silently escapes your mouth…”why?”. Why have I  purchased one of these electronic Pandora’s box which are full  of filth, evil,  sin and  those tracks that you really don’t want your mates to find out you listen to! I hear the scrap of chairs as you all stand up in unison and cry “TELL US!”…hush my people and I will whisper the answer and it will be carried to you on your baited breath.
The answer my friends is… I am a massive hypocrite!
Its shiny, smooth, sleek and rounded and fits in my palm like a sexy pebble. I can now sit in a room with the rest of my friends and be anti – social by checking my Facebook and of course…my birds are very angry. I could go on about the better interface, the ease of use, that it is the best MP3 player on the market but I am not kidding any one I was seduced. I held out as long as I could I resisted the curves, the touchscreen the app store that scream “come on make this product all about  you”.
I feel dirty but ultimately satisfied but don’t you judge me you have all been there before!
So I have been swayed and I will admit that Apple have got it right with the MP3 Players. Keep on trucking Steve and maybe in 9 years’ time I’ll be announcing the arrival of an iPhone ;-)
 *well more than likely sneering “ha knew she would get one eventually” in between gasping for air whilst sucking the metaphorical cock  of Steve jobs that is their  iPhone… bastards

Friday, 14 January 2011

Peera by Marlon darbeau

It has been a while since I have looked at any conceptual design but today after I had exhausted the internet of motivational posters, LOL cats and ‘hilarious’ web comics, I decided I would use the internet as an educational tool (I know weird hey?)
I am still very interested in product design and am ashamed to say that since graduating do not follow it as closely as I use to. Researching new designs and products can be a fantastically interesting, informative and inspiring.  It can also be a method of torture especially when you come across  a genius piece of design and hate yourself because you never thought of something that brilliant either that or you just end up wanting a lot of beautiful overpriced gadgets that you will never be able to own!
There are a few schools of thought how to define conceptual design for example
For a design to be a true conceptual design it should not be practical
A conceptual design should be a representation of the final design as a whole.
Then there are people who believe that is and can be in-between.
The word concept is design world speak for idea -  so you don’t sketch down an idea you create a concept via the medium of sketch. In my opinion it is all about the wording.
The way I would try and explain it is  
Design concept an idea that is portrayed either by being sketched on paper, created on computer software or made into a scale model or prototype.
conceptual design a non-practical idea/concept  that may be presented as a sketch or a non-working model prototype and could have aspects of it taken to form a working product. Such as Archigram’s 1960’s walking city.
Anyway…I mooched about gizmodo and found that they had a concepts section. Which basically means that the people of the internet had done the hard work for me and packed loads of conceptual designs in one place yey! I did find that the  articles and designs in concepts section of the website (links below)  do vary between design concepts  and conceptual designs. 
In the concept section I found this neat little design (so technically this is a re-re post  Links to original articles at the bottom of the page ) that was dubbed “this is a toolbox with far too many uses”. I would disagree that it has far too many uses, but it does have a great designers take on the traditional tool box.
I do not think that they are available for sale but I would be interested to get hold of the prototype to feel the weight of it before you put the tools. I wander if you would need to take out all your tools to use the bench and stool  as well.
It is a nice design, I do not see it competing with the lighter plastic tool boxes and bags on the market and can see it being more successful if marketed towards the hobby craftsman.
Overall I would say it is a lovely piece and a clever idea and would be a lovely addition to a home garage workshop or hobby craftsman.
If this has sparked your interest  I would recommend visiting some of the links below.

*note it is the article that is called “ a tool box with far to many uses” the actual design is called ‘peera’ and is designed by Marlon darbeau - concept design section of gizmodo   - website dedicated to all thing design related - more information about the designer including pics of design process from concept sketches.  - example of Archigram’s walking city

Thursday, 13 January 2011

"oooo the posh!"

Trivia: In the 18th century dance company managers could throw their dancers in jail if they missed rehearsals or performances!
I went to see my first ever ballet last night at the  Royal concert hall in Nottingham it  was a strange experience i did not know what to expect, obviously I know the basic Jist of the story but I did refrain from Wiki –ing it before I went , mainly to challenge myself on whether I could understand the story or whether my working class genetics would over-power me!  I am not too proud to admit (after wiki-ing it today to see how much of it I understood) I did miss some of the slighter nuances!