Monday, 30 July 2012

Door part 2

There was still a way to go as i started to add more decoration - using the same method of route-ring out 4mm MDF

Door part 1

 and it went fast!!!! i am back in nottingham now for the summer after my first year at RADA. it has flown by, and i am still getting use to having free time!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I am An Artist!!!

So you may recall that in my first term i took part n some still life drawing classes,

Well this term i have had a few more and i thought i would show you the results!!!

this time we were using mixed mediums from acrylic and poster paint to charcoal and graphite - we were limited to black white and brown so the colour represents more the shades.

this one was a little harder doing the folds and making them actually look organic was a chore i never quite got there!
i made up the whole picture by taping a couple of a3 sheet together and working on the dress in sections (which is why the proportions are out a little!

i would still completely recommend taking some drawing lessons even just for fun you learn so much and manage to surprise yourself - ok so i am never going to be a great but i am pleased with what i produced!!!

top half of finished piece

the dress i was drawing

straight on view of the back of the dress

folds of the lower half of dress

angled view of the dress

Black ink used to create contrast with the black charcoal

lower half of the dress

sleeve of dress