Monday, 30 July 2012

Door part 2

There was still a way to go as i started to add more decoration - using the same method of route-ring out 4mm MDF

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Getting pretty fragile now

Matching up all the fret work

Now I had finished all the fret work on the doors i started work on the frame. I wanted this door to have and asymmetrical as is a common theme in Art Nouveau 

Frame was made from 3X1 on edge ( like the doors) and clad with 6mm MDF

Shape was cut out with a Jig saw. Extra support were added to the back of the MDF to make the frame detail stable

i added an extra 6mm border to the outer frame to give it a little depth.
more fret work design

                              All the decoration to the door was done and i had attached all the hinges at this point i had fallen out with it and was very grumpy!!!
Luckily i only really had the painting to do so with help from the scenic art department i set up my spray gun and started to prime and apply the finish.

Both doors open

Adding the primer
First and 2nd colours ( hard to tell in this pic)

Adding the darker colours

Deep red into the corner

I did not want a level gradient all the way up the door as i thought it would take away from all the organic shapes

I chose a contrasting olive green for the fret work - i had to paint these on with a brush as opposed to spraying it like the base colours

 Here it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I added a final little piece around the door knob and a faux key hole just to tie it all in.
I am pretty please with it... i lie i love my door there are as always things that i need to do to tweak it but that is just me!

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